Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'Indian restaurants in Santiago, Chile' by K.J.S.Chatrath

Santiago, Chile

On reaching a new city abroad what I try to find out first is the list of Indian restaurants in town. I am sure many Indians do the same. At times the hotel reception is knowledgeable and helps.

Indian Ambassador to Chile, H.E. Mr. Debraj Pradhan has taken a welcome initiative in this regard. He has got put a list and addresses of Indian restaurants in Santiago, Chile on the website of the Embassy. Thank you Your Excellency.

Here is the list of Indian Restaurants in Santiago (arranged alphabetically) reproduced from that website.

DELHI DARBAR 11 de Septiembre 2345, Santiago, Chile Tel. 3218102

GOVINDA Ricardo Cumming 643, Santiago, Chile Tel: 6956367 Website:* Email: Cel: 90737211/ 82553680 (Maharaj) Contact person: Mr. Cesar Cisternas

JEWEL OF INDIA Av. Manuel Montt 1007, Providencia, Santiago, Chile Tel: 9851000 / 9865800 Cel.: 94340395 Email:

MAJESTIC Santo Domingo 1526, Santiago, Chile Tel: 6909400 Fax: 6974051 Email:

MAJESTIC Mirador del Alto, Mall Alto Las Condes, Santiago, Chile Tel: 2131422 Email:

PASAJE A INDIA Luis Pasteur 6583, Local 5, Santiago, Chile Tel: 2194778 Email:

RISHTEDAR Holanda 160,Providencia, Santiago, Chile Tel: 2313257

SAFFRON INDIA DELICACIES Av. Nueva Costanera 3664, Vitacura, Santiago Tel. 2502 2020 / 2502 0037 E-Mail:

SALAAM BOMBAY RESTAURANT Av. Rancagua 390, Providencia, Santiago, Chile Tel: 2259917 / 07-8618731 Email:**

SOUL OF INDIA Vitacura 4111, Santiago, Chile Tel: 2282825 / 09-7777832 Email: /

SYAM Av. Apoquindo 3307, Local 14, El Golf, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile Tel: 3338719 Email:

* This blogspot has not been updated after 2009

** This blogspot has not been updated after 2007.


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