Friday, December 30, 2016

' A three-course Norwegian meal' by K.J.S. Chatrath

I know this does not really fall under 'Indian restaurants worldwide' but since it deals with food, I am putting it in this blog.

Take a look at  a three-course Norwegian meal which I had two months back in Norway.

 The starter or the 'Entree'- lightly marinated salmon with lemon cream. That rectangular thin strip is the salmon! Of course the Americans call the main dish as 'Entree', and pray who can stop them from saying so?

 The main dish - something like an aloo tikee with peanuts. It was as bland as anything can be. Dont miss those three brown things- those are boiled potatoes in jackets!

The dessert was as tasty as it was good looking.

I am not a big eater, but still I was hungry at the end of this good looking meal. 

My take- Indian cuisine is the best in the world.

Say with pride that Indian food is the best in the world. 

गर्व से कहो की भारतीय खाना दुनिया में सब से अच्छा है! 
जय हिन्द!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'Tabbakh restaurant, Bhopal India' by K.J.S.Chatrath

While visiting Bhopal earlier this year I had an excellent Chicken Biryani at a restaurant opposite the entrance to the Taj-ul-Masjid. Last week I visited Bhopal again and went to the same restaurant around lunch time.

A tough looking Afghan with a lathi in his hand opened the door for me.

When a waiter came to take my order, I asked him first to explain the meaning of 'Tabbakh'. He explained that it was an arabic word meaning 'cook'. I accepted that and placed order for 'Chicken Stew' and tandoori roti.

Chicken Stew did not find a place in their menu, but was served after a wait of about 15 minutes.

Chicken Stew

Tandoori roti was good but made of 'maida' and not atta. 

Th very first bite showed the excellent quality of the dish. It had a liberal presence of garlic, ginger and oil, besides well cooked chicken pieces and other masalas (spices). The quantity served was generous.

And thn I ordered 'Phirni'. It tasted very good and was not too sweet.

And then the bill arrived- Rs.180 for the Chicken Stew, Rs.24 for two rotis and Rs.40 for the 'Phirni'. I added 10% as tip and left the restaurant in a happy mood.

P.S. Those who are fussy about their cholestorol levels, may better avoid.... 

 * * *