Saturday, October 14, 2017

'In praise of Al Jawahar, Moti Mahal & Mr. Kundan Lal' - by K.J.S.Chatrath

Earlier this week, I went to Jama Masjid area of Delhi to satisfy my protesting taste buds. I would share photos and stories about that visit some other time. Today it is about a visit to Al Jawahar restaurant in a lane opposite Jama Masjid.
After taking a quick look at the menu I asked the waiter the difference between 'chicken stew' and 'chicken korma'. He gave a very crisp and clear answer- In stew onion is non fried while in korma it is with brown fried  onions. Wanting no further details I promptly ordered half a plate of chicken korma and a roti. And see what I got. It was tasty. 

 Let us take a close up of the beauty....


My friends often accuse me of duplicity saying that at I claim to be a vegetarian at times and non-vegatarian at other times. In fact they accuse me of being an opportunist. Let me explain. For me, western cuisine is out especially the non-vegetarian dishes as I find those to be too bland and under-cooked if not almost raw. So while travelling abroad I pretend to be vegetarian.

While in India I generally take vegetarian food. However at times when I am sure of the quality of non-vegetarian dishes, especially if I have previous good experiences of that food joint, like for example, Kake Da Hotel in Connaught Circus, I go for non-vegetarian dishes.

Now back to Jama Masjid area. Tummy full, I took an auto and told the driver my destination. Within minutes we were crossing the iconic Moti Mahal  restaurant in Daryaganj. It was around 1.300 pm and I noticed the shutters of the eatery were down. I asked the driver why was it closed that day. He shattered me by saying that it closed down long back. How I wish that it is not true.

I remembered my previous visits to Moti Mahal restaurant. One always saw Mr. Kundan Lal Gujral, the proprietor of Moti Mahal, giving a twirl to his impressive moustaches and personally welcoming and looking after each customer
Mr. Kundan Lal, said to be the 'inventor' of  butter-chicken. Sorry, but I do not like 'butter-chicken'.

Do take a look at the fine prints on the menu pasted on the wall, reproduced verbatim:

'Only mutton, chicken used, onion & lemon Free'

'Tandoori Bakra (order before 24 hours) 7000', and

If you like the rhyming stuff:
                                            'All Mughlai food for test,
                                            Al Jawahar serve the best'

Caution: This food is not for the weak hearted or for those who love talking about the cholesterol levels!

 Need I say Bon apetit?

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