Thursday, March 31, 2016

'Pakistani Food Stall in Chandigarh' by K.J.S.Chatrath

This one is not about Indian food in a foreign country, but about Pakistani food in India. Every year there is a 'Made in India' Fair in Chandigarh where dresses, shoes etc made in Pakistan are put on sale in Himachal Bhawan Chandigarh for 2-3 days. I go to visit it when ever it is set up. My temptation comes from its Food Court.

Last month there was such a Fair and there was a Food Court of Pakistani food as an adjunct. I went and gave the food a try. Take a look:

I tried the Lahori mutton curry and roomali roti. Well, considering the quantity, at Rs.400 a plate, I would not call it a  friendly price from a neighbour.  And now a few words about the quality. The mutton pieces were badly cut and definitely under cooked.  The gravy was excellent with an aroma of spices. After ages I got a full small green cardamom in a dish. Of course it was quite oily but there was very little of tomatoes and onions, which are predominant in Panjabi curries in India. There was a modes, controlled use of chillies in the dish.  At Rs. 30 a piece, the roomali roti was nice and freshly made in front of me.

I don't know what did the Hon'ble Indian VIPs shown prominently in the banner of the stall find in the cooking. I would not like to have it a second time unless the quality is improved.

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